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About Phil - He began Lighting in 1966 and then became sidetracked into this after a near death experience.

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Quote " The world is a terrible place not because of the bad things that happen but because of the good people who stand by and do nothing"

"Albert Einstein - 1879 - 1955"


Last update - 1st January 2022.  Article updated.

I started this website in 1998. Thats 24 years now in 2022.

The Articles below have all been written, altered, added to and parts have been deleted and

in some cases fully deleted ( at the request of a third party ).

It's been a big learning curve for me. This is a work in progress,

and as I find more interesting things, I will post them up here. 

The internet, when it began in the 1990's, is a lot different, content wise, to todays internet.

Amazing things popped up in the 1990's that were there for maybe only a few days or a month,

then the item disappeared. Just like that. Gone.

Stuff I had read about years earlier, and heard about, there one minute, gone the next.

Websites would become unavailable, never to reappear again.

Domain Name Registration was a lot different to today.

The first domain was .com, and it was common for a .com domain to appear,

and then, very soon after, disappear, as the very first .com domains were free to register.

After that the cost was quite low, and registrations were for a year.

My website here contains a lot of things I got from very early on,

from the early 1990's to late 90's. It's a bit like a wayback machine.

Please Scroll down this page - for all my Articles and >click< on the title >link< below the Article.

Michael Faraday Born 1791. An Electrical Pioneer. A trailblazer.

Nikola Tesla. Who "invented" Electricity as we know it today ?

T. Henry Moray. Who was he ? Why was he fascinated about Tesla ? Why was his life threatened ?

Gabriel Kron has been described as the Greatest Electrical Engineer of all time.

He made a big impact on everyone who knew him. A great inspiration. A true legend.

Ever wondered why the Columbia Space Shuttle Crashed ? .  .  .

Just HOW did we get the Transistor ? An Amazing story...

This guy was in the US Air Force for over 40 years. Saw something. He is dead now.

Here's what a former U.S. President said at his farewell to the nation speech. Word for word.

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the third director of the C.I.A., former U.S. Government committee member on UFO's.

Former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He made this incredible statement to the New York Times in February 1960.

Just look at what a British Five Star Admiral had to say. Head of the British M.O.D. AND a N.A.T.O. Commander.

He is dead now, but made an amazing contribution to the UFO debate. A Legend. Sadly missed.

In late 1980 a base commander of a nuclear facility in the U.K. filed an official report to the British M.O.D.

After staff at the Facility had been told to shut up as "bullets are cheap". What the hell happened ?



U.S. Nuclear Weapons compromised by unidentifed aerial objects.

And Donna Hare makes an amazing statement.


Westall High School - Melbourne Australia. Broad Daylight ! 200 Witnesses !

Westall 1966

HOW DOES the Earth's Magnetic Field affect us ? WHY do we go crazy with a Full Moon ?

WHAT is the Schumann Resonance ? WHY does it affect you ? You've never heard of it ?

What did a former Astronaut say ? "Word for word quote"...What did he see ?

Tunguska, Russia, 1908. A Milestone in World History. What happened there ?


The Moon. Some VERY interesting facts. Hmm...

My Grandfather once told me "All is not what it seems."

What did that mean ? !

Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy had something to say about secrecy.


To the Skeptic..

WHO were the Mayans?



Apollo 11 went to the Moon. Was it a boring flight ? !


On January 29th 1986 something crashed into a mountain in a remote part of Russia.

It's been called the Height 611 incident since it took place at 611 metres.

Scientists recovered materials that we on earth do not understand and have not seen before.


Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went swimming one day in December 1967.

They never did find the body. What really happened ?



Jimmy Carter, U.S. President, sent this message off on the Voyager 1 Spacecraft in 1977.

After 43 Years it's now 23 Billion Km. away in Deep Space, and still in touch with Earth.

Read about this amazing little spacecraft's journey into the unknown.



Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President had a Personal U.F.O. Experience. It's in his own words.



Stephen Spielberg knew something about UFO's. What did he know ?



Colonel Phil Corso writes about Roswell. WHO was he ? HOW did he know ?



Astronaut Major Gordon Cooper makes a very honest statement.



But still MORE astronauts make startling claims. Are they ALL liars ?



Five star General Douglas MacArthur. 

A legend commander in WW11 and a legend in History.



The Foo Fighters - What were they



Well how about the History of Planet Earth 75,000,000 B.C. - 0 A.D.

This is Very Interesting stuff.



Sydney suburb MARSFIELD, N.S.W. HOW did it get it's name ?

Updated 2020 - more info. added.



HISTORY of the World 0-1900AD. AMAZING STUFF



Legendary U.S. President John F. Kennedy. What more can we say ?



Well here it is..1901-2012. The events that shaped the world we live in.



Lucile Andrew, daughter of the Rev. Turner Hamilton Holt wrote a letter in early 1999,

about something her father had told her happened in 1939.



Alexander Rempel was the editor of a Russian newspaper who published a story by a group of Archeologists in 1993 about something that was dug up in 1948 in Kiev in the USSR. -

and in 1994 he disappeared - never to be seen again - his newspaper shut down. What was the story about ? What did former USSR leader Joseph Stalin know about this ?



Phil Schneider was an engineer who helped build underground bases for the U.S. Government. He spoke out and gave a lecture to a group in May 1995.

Seven months later he was dead - his body found in his apartment with piano wire wrapped around his throat. What did he say at the lecture ?



 Just have a look at this and tell me it's all a hoax.



David Adair at the Age of 11 was building space rockets.

At 17 won most outstanding in the field of Engineering Sciences from the US Air Force.

At 19 he designed and fabricated a state-of-the-art mechanical system for changing jet turbine engines for the US Navy,

that set world record turnaround times, that still stand today.

He knew what he was doing !

He saw something. What was it ?


Robert Scott Lazar was a top U.S. scientist.

He was forced to resign because he saw too much. And spoke too much.

After his personal records were "erased" and he became a "nobody" -

He spoke out on U.S. National T.V.....To try and save his life.

An amazing interview.



They wrote a book about this incident and made it into a movie.

For some reason the US Navy has spent a fortune trying to bury the story.



Brazilian Air Force Operation Commander Captain Uyrange Hollanda was sent to investigate a spate of UFO encounters -

where people had been injured by them. He ended up commiting suicide by hanging himself. What happened ! What did he see ?



Eight individual stories of actual Encounters with the unknown. Documented articles



Betty and Barney Hill. UFO Pioneers. Real Ordinary People.

Both dead now. Read what they had to say. January 2022 update



Sergeant Clifford Stone. What did he say about God and Aliens ? How did he know ?



Human Abductions and Medical Experimentation. This is a very upsetting story.



Websites we like...Links we like

Updated 2022



WHAT did Monsignor Corrado Balducci - A member of the Vatican - have to say about Extraterrestrial contact



Dr. Michael Wolf was a Senior U.S. scientist who was an advisor to U.S. presidents. He was an insider who saw a lot.

This is an amazing interview.





Former U.S. President Richard Nixon and Famous Entertainer - Comedian - Jackie Gleason

were very good friends, and had a common interest.

They both had a large collection of UFO material. This is a very interesting story !

Link update 1st January 2022



Boris - or Boriska as his parents call him - at 7 years of age had all the experts amazed.

So many people have seen him and not been able to doubt it. !



MARS. Much has been said about this planet.



LEMURIA. 900,000 - 25,000 Years ago. A VERY ancient civilisation.



Luciano Galli..A simple mechanic from Italy. He wanted no money, no fame. In 1957 he made an honest statement. What was it ?



Fear or Love ?



After You Die..   What happens ?



Can you just drift through life ? really ?



Frederick Marion was a very gifted person who had real psychic abilities.

He travelled the world. Read this amazing story about one of his encounters.



Antarctica - The great mystery.

In July 2001 a chance overfly of a spy plane found what will become the great mystery of all time - Buried 2 miles ( 3.2 Kilometres )

under the ice ( that has been there for 12,000 years ) is a giant artifact "machine" ( of some sort ) What is it ? and who put it there ?




I could tell you that but then I would have to kill you.



Who are you?



Val Valerians Massive work "Matrix 11". It's very challenging stuff.



UFO's and ET's. Touchy subject. Have a look at this.



Fair Use disclosure link



What is e.& o.e. ?